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Your Stay

Admission policy and procedure

All prospective residents and their relatives/representative would be invited to visit the Home and meet the other residents, staff and manager.

The individual would be encouraged to have a meal and get to know what level of service we can offer at Carlton House and to experience the atmosphere and the environment of the Home. 

We always endeavor to consult with and consider the views of others currently accommodated prior to offering a place to a new resident. We always ensure that before a resident is admitted a full assessment of their needs is undertaken to ensure that we are able to provide them with a high quality service we pride ourselves in offering to all our residents at Carlton House. 

A month’s trial period is always given before a permanent residency is offered.

Reviews of resident’s care

Following the initial assessment undertaken on admission a full care plan of a residents needs will be compiled. This will be kept under review to ensure the residents’ needs are being met. Family and friends will be encouraged to participate in the resident’s daily routine as far as is practicable and with the residents’ permission. They will be invited to reviews as appropriate.

The residents care plan will be reviewed at three levels:

  • Daily on a shift to shift basis and at staff handover at the commencement of each shift when the residents daily care notes are handed by the outgoing shift to staff and on the incoming shift. 
  • At the end of the 4 week “settling in period” following admission to the Home.
  • On a monthly basis a formal review is held between the key  worker and resident ( or sooner if required ) when any changes identified are made, documented and monitored in the  following month to ensure the resident is happy and their needs are being addressed.

All changes to a residents care plan must be authorised by the Home Manager with certain amendments requiring a discussion with the residents GP and/or representative. The resident must remain central and be involved at all stages with the care they are receiving in the Home.

Therapeutic services/social activities/ hobbies and leisure services provided at Carlton House:

Carlton House offers a range of activities and encourages residents to participate as they so wish and with staff support. The Home’s policy on activities takes into account the residents’ interests, skills, experiences, medical condition, hobbies, and personality. Our activities are designed to keep residents as mobile as we can and most importantly to take an interest in life.  

We offer the following games of which we have equipment to support such activity for those with failing sight: 

  • Cards 
  • Scrabble
  • Bingo
  • Draughts
  • Ball games - feet or hands

Activities undertaken with staff support daily include:

  • chatting with residents in all that we do to encourage social interaction
  • Going for walks
  • Manicures
  • Playing games 
  • Armchair exercises
  • Reading letters/newspapers/magazines
  • Helping to choose library books
  • Music and sing a longs
  • Arts and crafts
  • Maintaining lifelong hobbies if the resident so chooses
  • Crossword puzzles 

Outings are planned around residents needs and capabilities with the right level of staff support to ensure the arrangements are fulfilling and the resident is supported. 

Visits include trips to the local garden centre for tea, a trip to a play or pantomime and a drive into the countryside or to the seaside which is only a short journey from Carlton House.

How we consult with our residents in all aspects of the care we provide:

Residents views are captured in a variety of ways on both a day to day basis to a more formal quality assurance programme in place.

We encourage residents- if they so wish to meet monthly with staff of which minutes of such meetings will be available in the Home for all to view. 

On a six-monthly basis questionnaires, will be circulated to residents and support provided, to gather individual views. A report will then be compiled and consultation will take place as to any changes to services provided in the Home, this will take place with residents and the Home Manager.

The arrangements for residents to attend religious services of their choice

Arrangements can be made for residents to attend religious services both within the Home and the community as they so wish. Residents where possible, should arrange for transport and accompaniment with friends or relatives. In the event of this not being possible the Home will endeavour to support the resident where staffing levels permit.  Residents have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time. A quiet room will be provided for such meetings.

Contact and visiting arrangements between our residents and their relatives/friends and representatives

Resident’s friends and family are encouraged to visit them as often as they so wish. We welcome contact by telephone, email and letter.

Residents will always be supported to maintain such contact if they so desire.

Whilst relatives/friends are welcomed into the Home we ask that they sign into the visitor’s book and inform a staff member that they are on the premises.

The resident does, of course have a right to refuse to see a visitor and this right will be respected and up held by all staff who will if necessary inform the visitor.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking is prohibited in the building in accordance with legislation. Smoking is permitted in the back yard and should a resident need support to access the area this will be provided. Alcohol can be brought into the Home by the resident with support as required.

Leaving or temporarily vacating the Home:

If a person wishes to be discharged from the Home, then four weeks’ notice must be given of this intention or four weeks fees paid in lieu of notice. These conditions are waived during the twenty-eight day trial period. If a residents temporarily moves out of the Home (e.g. to receive hospital treatment) the bed is retained for a period of two weeks, provided 80% of the normal fee is paid. In the case of social work funded residents the Home Manager would review this retention period.

Financial arrangements and fees

We are committed to providing value for money within our comprehensive and caring service:  
The fees charged are dependent on: 

The type of facility required, and The type of care package and needs of the individual resident 

Depending on the personal financial situation, a resident can either pay the fees privately or receive benefits arranged by social services. 

Current Fee Range - £529.62-£750.00 per week, this is dependent on care needs and room chosen.

The current rules can be complicated and specific advice is available from the Home Manager.

Fees - What is included?

  • Fully trained staff in 24 hour attendance
  • Good Home Cooking
  • Provision for Special Diets
  • Laundry Service
  • GP visits on request
  • Call System/Radio Controlled
  • Full Central Heating
  • Manicure and Hand Massage
  • Theatre Visits and Outings (when offered to  the Home)
  • Extend Exercise Class (weekly)
  • Arts and Crafts Class (weekly – except  during college  holidays)
  • Entertainment (singers booked monthly)

Fees – What is not included?

  • Dry cleaning
  • Weekly visits from the hairdresser to the home
  • Monthly visits for a private chiropodist in the home
  • Private phone installation and calls 
  • Newspapers and personal sundries
  • Transport for GP/hospital appointments 
  • Escorts for GP/hospital appointments 
  • Specialist equipment (walking frames, wheelchairs, pressure mattress, specialised beds etc.)